Born into a musical family and classically trained, I started out with the violin at age five, but was drawn to the warmer and deeper sound of the cello at the age of 8.

 After completing my cello studies at the Berlin conservatory „Universität der Künste“, I took on a regular orchestra job and enjoyed playing at the Berlin Philharmonic Hall as well as performing in concert halls all over Europe and worldwide.


Apart from my classical music life I have always preferred listening to meditative electronic music, ambient and world music.

After having been involved in a lot of alternative projects like Turkish band Derya, various dance projects, improvising at art openings, touring, studio recording, performing with jazzartists like Natalie Cole, Ray Brown or Til Brönner,  I finally found my own musical language while improvising with a loop machine and found my heart singing with meditative melodies and sacral sounds.

This perfectly matched with my lifelong search for ways to help people transcend their 3D reality...


I then recorded the first solo album with my very own music, „Cello Songs for Silence“, which in the meantime has spread my Cello Songs internationally in the spiritual, Yoga and New Age community.

This really gives me great joy and a sense of being connected to the whole world...


In order to have more time for my own musical and spiritual projects, I quit my regular orchestra job a while ago, but am still a (now freelance) member of the Berlin Symphonic Orchestra (Berliner Symphoniker).

My music has been featured in films like Mo Asumangs „Roots Germania“ or Oscar winner Asghar Farhadis  „About Elly“. During my time in Los Angeles I collaborated with Michael Hoppe and am featured soloist on the Grammy nominated album „Solace“.

Together with cellists Daniel Sorour and Bogdan Jianu I have been performing my own music with my trio "Cellotrinity" (

while I now enjoy the solo performing experience.


Free your mind, open your heart, and be the conscious creator of your own realitythis is the essential and ever expanding mantra of my present life, and I am happy to contribute my part to the awakening process of mother earth :-)


 "I think the sound of the cello lends an air of magic to the marriage of earthly states of being with the non-physical cosmos and the human soul. Wether you are meditating, practising yoga, enjoy a day at the spa, just driving your car or simply having a lie-down on the sofa…my cello songs gently carry you away in a state of relaxed awareness to experience the deeper realms of being with ease and simplicity…"


I play a wonderful new italian cello (Strad model) by Beate Kienitz (,

and my favourite bow was made by Thomas Acker (