"Based on the acoustic cello sound and using loops and delays, Andrea creates floating ambient compositions and quiet, orientally influenced improvisations as well as simply melodious "songs without words" - leading you into the realms of silence and transcendence. Great playing, timeless music!"

LA Weekly


"This is one of the most beautiful meditative CDs around (...) The deep, soft sound of the cello being the main instrument here and Andrea Bauer's wonderful playing captivates the listener right from the start. It should actually be assigned a new name: "with cello songs into silence" - becms to be in synch with the music. Mozart, Ravel, Keith Jarrett - breathing music. It is also multi-layered and invites you into a shamanic journey. Andrea Bauer after classical training moved towards sound influenced by the orient and was also inspired by the mystic poet Rumi. So please, lie down, breathe mindfully and let yourself go. Merge with your breath, deep down, Listen with your whole body, receive with your skin and your bones the vibration of the cello. Feel where the music takes you. In forgetting one`s self one finds self. And if you, like her recording, listen also to David Darling`s Eight String Religion, Glassworks by Philip Glass, or Terry Riley recording with the Kronos Quartett. Enjoy."

ause this is what happens when you listen to it, you fall into the realm of inner silence."

 Mariam Sura, OneSpirit Festival Baden-Baden


"Silence is the cause of all sounds", India tells us. Listening deeply to Andrea`s compositions, you can hear the silence behind the waves. I don`t use a lot of music when I teach or practise yoga. Usually, great music deserves full attention unless it has been composed for movement or for airports! But with "Cello Songs for Silence" in deep relaxation, the prana flows deeper. It speaks to the cells. The breath of the music and your own will merge. Great music has breath, and like magic your own breath always see

Open Sky Yoga.com

"The sound of the cello always seems to evoke yearning and poignancy, and this is certainly the case here, but the sound that Andrea pleads, coaxes and draws from her instrument seems to go way beyond these feelings, into a place of devotion, of silence, of stillness and reaching for the heavens by laying down prone on the very earth itself (...) We are presenting more cellists than ever (Martin Tillman, David Darling, Sieber), and Andrea Bauer is right up there with the best and most expressive of any of them."

Lloyd Barde, Backroadsmusic San Francisco


"(…)The soulful instrument which has inspired many classical composers to write solo concertos gives complete expression to the wide range of its powers. Long strokes of the bow create a feeling of timelessness and peacefulness reminiscent of the stillness that is evoked when contemplating a calm lake; whimpering sounds create melancholic, yearning laments, pizzicato sounds fall like raindrops onto an autumnal landscape, one even believes to have heard the odd twittering and singing of birds in the forest. Andrea has succeeded in conveying the silence which lends its name to the CD with the warm vitality of a soul capable of expressing a variety of moods. Some moments evoke the slow movements by Gustav Mahler, others those of chill out sounds in an elegant club. (...) And besides, Andrea Bauer has mastered her instrument just as Giora Feidman has mastered the clarinet - inclusive of those sounds which seem to be foreign to the instrument. What a discovery!"

Connection Magazin, Germany